Instead try utilising the skills of private detectives

We all may get a twinge of jealousy from time to time when our partner talks about a friend or has had a text or email from someone we have never heard of or met before. But on the whole, these jabs of suspicion and insecurity are nothing more than ill-founded musings. Having said that, infidelity is becoming ever more commonplace, so what signs can you look for to tell whether your partner has been cheating?

The only sure fire way to know is proof, actual physical evidence beyond dispute that infidelity has occurred. If you don’t have this, it isn’t wise to confront them. This can easily lead to the affair stopping for a period of time and you coming out of the situation looking like the bad guy.

It is important to note here that ‘bad guy’ could be female or male, as it is just as common for a female to cheat on her partner as it is for a male.

Someone who is cheating will at first usually be much more attentive out of guilt before slowly drawing away from you. There will be changes in their appearance, with more effort put in and more perfume or aftershave worn. They may start to ‘work a lot of overtime,’ change their sexual habits, hide or change passwords for internet accounts, leave the room when making phone calls, be spending more money that can’t be accounted for and ultimately they will end up leaving bigger clues.

If you are suspicious but have no evidence, confronting them is the worst possible answer. Instead try utilising the skills of private detectives. Private detectives may seem like characters in movies that don’t exist in real life, but private investigations are actually surprisingly common. Private investigations can provide you with the proof you need to find out the truth, or possibly the peace of mind that you actually have nothing to worry about.

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