Ways to pay less for Vehicle Insurance

When the time came for us to renew our Vehicle Insurance we stupidly thought that our premium might have gone down. Sadly this wasn’t the case and the new quote we received for Vehicle Insurance actually meant we’d be paying more for our annual premium. How could this be? We hadn’t made a claim on our Vehicle Insurance, our car was exactly the same and both my partner and I were highly experienced drivers. I could understand if I was trying to buy Vehicle Insurance for a Ferrari or Motor Cycle Insurance for a Ducati but we only wanted insurance for our daily runabout. So this left me with a challenge to lower the cost of our Vehicle Insurance and here’s what I did.

The first step to lowering Vehicle Insurance

Initially I rang my existing insurers to speak about the new quote for Vehicle Insurance. We’ve been with this company for quite some time and I’ve had Motor Cycle Insurance through them in the past so I thought the personal approach might lower the cost of the Vehicle Insurance, bearing in mind we were model customers. Speaking to the advisor they did manage to knock something off the Vehicle Insurance but it still wasn’t enough. I told them I’d get back to them and took a different approach to lowering the cost of Vehicle Insurance, know what I did next?

I shopped around for Vehicle Insurance

Yep, the good old internet became my next target as I searched for a company that could provide me with quality Vehicle Insurance at a price that I liked. I used a few price comparison sites and they delivered decent results and then I found a company called Integrated Risk Solutions. They claimed they tailored Vehicle Insurance to their clients needs whether they wanted Motor Cycle Insurance, car insurance or policies for fleets of trucks. I grabbed the phone gave them a call and they provided me with a brilliant quote for Vehicle Insurance which is all we were looking for in the first place.

This experience has taught me a lesson. I’d tell people not to take Vehicle Insurance on face value. If a premium seems high and your existing insurer won’t lower the quote, there’s nothing preventing you from shopping around.



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