Farmer makes pottery discovery

Pottery has long been in use among people and the remains of items crafted in this way date back many thousands of years. Of course, these days the techniques involved are far more sophisticated than they once were and this fact is exemplified in the fine examples of Denby pottery and other such items that can be purchased.

One man who believes he may have uncovered a piece of history relating to pottery is farmer Michael Gillies. According to a report in the Scotland Courier, he discovered an item that he believes is evidence for the existence of a workshop that operated in his local village many years ago.

He suggests that as well as being known for its former brickworks, the village of Errol in Perth and Kinross was also noted for its ceramic creations.

Commenting on how he found the items, he said: “We came across an old garden compost heap. In it we found bits of majolica – a soft earthenware ceramic – and there were all these fantastic decorations on them.

“There were quite a few bits and I decided to glue them together to see what kind of dish they came from.”

He added that when he first caught sight of the pieces, he expected them to have been the product of other manufacturers. However, he then discovered a base piece that revealed they were crafted by a local organisation.

Mr Gillies remarked: “I was astounded by what I saw because it said that it was made by James Adamson and Co, Errol Works. There are no records or pictures of Errol pottery made during the period the workshop was open so I am interested in finding out more.”

After the initial findings, he started to use a digger to excavate land at East Inchmichael Farm and he has uncovered more.

Of course, those seeking pottery for their homes need not go to such lengths to find it. They can quickly and easily purchase Denby pottery over the web.

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