The Surprising Health Benefits Of Certain Fizzy Drinks

While an ice-cold cola drink is tempting, you ingest sugar and caffeine with every sip. However, there are medical reasons to drink such beverages.

The next time you reach for a red-and-white can, bear in mind the following positives.

Better Digestion

Scientists have discovered that cola drinks are one of the optimum remedies for gastric phytobezoar – a condition where someone has stomach blockages and difficulty with food progressing through their digestive tract.

The fizzy drink’s high acidity works like gastric acid. It can break down blockages, ease abdominal pain and and get matters moving again.

Mental Focus

Cola drinks supply a lot of stimulating caffeine. Caffeine entering your bloodstream can spark mental focus and greater concentration. If your attention is slipping, a swig could put you back on track. However, overdosing can leave you stressed and jittery.

Boost Your Energy

Maybe you are lacking energy and need a quick sugar hit to tide you over a mid-afternoon slump. Rather than snacking on nuts or fruit, you sometimes just need a sweet rush to fire yourself up – despite the sugar crash 30 minutes later.

The post mix juices system sees flavoured syrup shipped to the retailer, who then mixes the drink to order. The post mix juices arrangement suits outlets serving large volumes.

The Telegraph explains what happens to your body when you drink cola.

Stop Nausea

Some people swear that a glass of flat cola can eradicate nausea and settle an upset stomach.

While the jury is out regarding cola’s medical efficacy, it’s agreed that the sugar content will make you feel better to some degree temporarily.

However, cola remains a fizzy drink packed with sugar. Just one 330ml can contains all of your daily allowance of sugar, and it corrodes your teeth. In addition, it is a diuretic, meaning that it can’t rehydrate you despite appearing thirst-quenching. In fact, it makes you need to urinate and forces the expulsion of vital nutrients from the body, including magnesium, calcium, zinc and sodium.

The drink is addictive and works similarly on the brain’s pleasure centres to heroin, so it’s certainly not something you want to drink all the time. However, you don’t have to eschew caffeinated fizzy beverages entirely. Drinking in moderation is essential.

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