Eating And Feeling For Beautiful Hair

Do you know that what you eat greatly influences the quality of your hair? Number one on the list is to get some quality proteins in your diet. Protein is the main building block of your hair. Next on the list is carbohydrates. And, no, we don’t mean as in sugar, but the complex carbs found in vegetables and fruits. Vitmains and minerals are also important. Zinc, the B vitamin family, especially Vit B12 and also Folic Acid.

Your hair is a pretty quick barometer for how you feel and what you eat. Poor food choices and stress can make your hair look like hay. Here are some tips on how to nourish your hair and how to make it healthy and shining.

Get some quality protein as in Salmon. Salmon contains not only good protein but also Omega fatty acids. Besides having some salmon several times a week, consider taking a supplement with Salmon oil, or even better, Krill oil. Adding the fish oils will not only help your hair, but your skin will see a definite improvement as well.

Eggs are another winner. Eggs have good proteins and the yolk has, besides many vitamins and minerals, lecithin which is another compound so important for beautiful hair. Commercial hair potions often contain lecithin. Consuming the egg though will ensure you get the protein and the vitamins also, along with the lecithin.

The complex carbohydrates can be brown rice fruits or vegetables. Do make an attempt to stay away from refined carbs which do nothing good for your body at all, let alone your hair.

Manage your stress level. We all know how the hair can look absolutely dead when we are under extreme stress. But lesser stress have an adverse affect as well. Do make it a habit to spend a bit of time every day where you can focus on good feelings and feel relaxed and at peace. Starting a meditation program, taking yoga classes, or choose from one of the many excellent DVD’s available and do it at home, take a walk a few evenings a week, get enough sleep.Doing things that are fun is also a great stress buster. Play board games with family or friends, watch funny movies, read funny books, play with your cat. Shifting the mond away from the every day stress vibration to something pleasant and fun will benefit your entire body and mind. Peace inside makes for a shinier hair! xzzws99

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