What is Kevlar®?

Kevlar® is a high strength material originally designed to replace steel in racing tyres. The fact that it was designed to replace such metal goes someway to show just how strong the material is; however, it is not its strength alone that makes it such an appealing substance, but instead its weight.

The original reason for its design was to bring down the weight of racing cars to ensure that they could go further in a single sitting as well as helping to lower the cost of fuel needed for them. Today, Kevlar® is most notably used in body armour, for the fact that it is extremely strong but with minimal weight.

The material is extremely effective at protecting people from everything from shrapnel to bullets and can do so without significantly slowing down the subject or draining their energy. The material can be used to make full body armour or even protective gear for the face or any other body part. For anyone who needs to be protected, whether that is in focussed and aggressive warfare or even simply during raids on premises, such a material is invaluable and its use has been proven to save many lives.

Everyone from army personnel to police officers can benefit from wearing Kevlar® and the material can be used in day to day settings as easily as it can be used on the battlefield.

When it comes to creating stab proof or bulletproof clothing, there are very few other materials that can offer anywhere near the same protection and fewer that can do so with so few peripheral effects. Today, it can be used in everything from racing sails to underwater equipment and its wide potential for applications means that it is not only one of the most unique materials around, but also one of the most practical too.

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