A wide selection of rubber products

Rubber is an incredibly versatile material. Still regarded for being tough, durable and very long lasting rubber can be found in many everyday items and rightfully so. Rubber can also help industrial businesses as it can be used in multiple applications. When you require rubber products such as insulation for plumbing and heating or even to provide fire retardancy, we can assist.

With our extensive experience of helping a countless number of businesses and individuals to be provided with the rubber product which they wish to have, we can offer rubber products in a variety of thicknesses and densities. These densities can range from 60kg/m3 to 300kg/m3 with the thicknesses being as little as 0.5mm right up until 75mm. We are able to offer this type of assistance thanks to machinery which we designed ourselves. There is no third party involved when you want rubber products from us because we are responsible for the whole process from start to finish. No matter what a company requires, we are bound to be incredibly helpful.

As well as a wide variety of rubber materials, we are also a proud provider of over three hundred foam grades. Whether you require Polishing Foams, PVC Foams or even Foam inserts we can also assist when you want foam cut to size. This item of foam might be something which you’ve already bought but have no means to resize it. Courtesy of our foam cut to size service, we are able to provide this type of assistance using our high-quality machinery. Best of all, it is available at prices which suit you.

For further information about how we can help, contact us sooner rather than later. We aim to provide a fantastic service time after time. Our customer focused team are always willing to answer any query or question which you might have.

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