Flying isn’t the only way to get across the channel

Sometimes it’s hard to get a flight. If there is a major sporting event or music festival that everyone is trying to get to, then planes fill up fast, but flying isn’t the only travel option. People have become a bit spoilt in this age of budget airlines, but there are plenty of alternatives. Alternatives that are convenient, good value and green too.

Cross channel ferries offer a great alternative to flying. Travellers can take the car, simply roll on and roll off the ferry and carry on direct to their destination on the other side. So there’s no messing about with buses, taxis and trains upon landing. Budget airlines are notorious for using airports miles outside of the cities they are supposed to be flying to.

Ferry tickets are great value. Just like every other area of travel the Internet has shaken up the world of cross channel ferries. There’s never been a better time to get online and go bargain hunting for great value tickets. It’s amazing just how much people can save travelling and booking this way.

The journey can be just as much a part of the experience as the being there. There’s something exciting, almost romantic even about taking the boat. It’s a reminder of a gentler more civilised world where customers don’t get treated like cattle and charged to use the toilet.

Every household is feeling the pinch right now, but no one wants to be stuck at home altogether. If flights are full or too expensive, forget the airlines, just book some ferry tickets instead and make that trip after all. are leading the way when it comes to great value tickets to travel by ferry. Their site is easy to use, completely secure and the deals on offer are extremely competitive.

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