Chopping Up a Storm

Every wannabe chef knows the importance of durable, sharp knives when cooking. Using blunt or dulled knives make the job a lot harder, and messier, than it ought to be. Using sharp knives will make the job of slicing and dicing easy. When choosing a knife set, it is better to spend a bit more to go for the much better quality knives than scrimp and end up with poor quality products which go blunt quickly and can even rust when washed frequently especially in a dishwasher.

Kitchen knives from the Denby range are of excellent quality and come with instructions on how to care for them to prevent the blades becoming dulled. All of the kitchen knives from Denby are made with stainless steel for fantastic cutting. They come with either an easy grip handle or stainless steel handle. Whichever you choose, you’ll be sure to know that you are choosing an excellent, quality product.

Denby recommends that knives from their range are washed in warm water with a mild detergent. Using a dishwasher is not recommended as it can lead to the blades becoming damaged over time.

In order to maintain your knives, knife blocks should be used for storage. Always ensure that the knives are stored in the correct slots, as too short a slot can cause the tips of the knives to curve. Also, make sure that when the knives are stored, that they rest on the back on the blades so the blades do not become blunt.

Taking care of your Denby knives is imperative for them to stand the test of time. By storing them correctly in knife blocks, washing them as instructed, and before sharpening, using oil in order to increase the friction on the blade so they sharpen more easily, will make them last much longer than cheaper alternatives.

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