Kosher foods taken to food festival

Kosher foods are widely available in Britain these days and a recent event raised their profile even further. During the 2011 Manchester Food and Drink Festival, which was the 14th such culinary celebration in the northern city and took place from October 7th until 17th, a special event was staged to celebrate Jewish cooking, the Jewish Chronicle reports.

Those interested in such matters may have been among those who visited Secrets from a Kosher Kitchen, which was held at the Manchester Jewish Museum.

It was one of a number of additions to the food extravaganza, which takes place on Albert Square.

A total of 30 guests sampled flavours from Russia to the Middle East and the food included hamine eggs, Moroccan-style chicken tagine and a traditional chicken soup. Indeed, so popular was the first kosher tasting for non-Jews that people had to be turned away.

Perhaps these individuals will keep an eye on for information on further such events. Using online resources, including the Israeli Embassy website, is a great way to stay abreast of the latest cultural developments.

According to museum chief executive Max Dunbar, the event was important as a means of bringing Jewish culture to new audiences.

He remarked: “We never like turning people away but had no choice as we did not have enough food to feed any more visitors. We are now planning to set up regular kosher food tasting events, reaching out to even more people.”

Of course, Manchester may well not be the only place where kosher food sampling sessions are held. To find similar events in the capital and elsewhere around the UK, have a look at the Israeli Embassy in London website.

Meanwhile, for information on other events that might be of relevance, people can head to the ‘What’s On’ section of the Israeli Embassy website.

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