West End Cleans Up Local Theatres

Smaller, local theatres often get a bad rep. However, with a little help from the more glitzy West End, this may all be about to change. The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation has announced a £125,000 donation to The Theatres Trust to enable smaller and community theatres to make major improvements.

The benefits will be seen not only by those in smaller communities but also by theatre as a whole. Whilst many currently see theatre as a special treat, despite how easy it is to find very cheap London theatre tickets online, as smaller venues outside of the West End improve and develop their facilities, more people are likely to be lured to watch theatre far more often. As such, not only will local theatre audiences grow, but interest in theatre in general is likely to increase dramatically, meaning that the West End itself will feel the benefits of this altruism.

Many people do not visit the theatre at all, feeling that London theatre tickets are too expensive and that local theatres are simply of too poor a standard to put on shows to the right level. With the right investment, more and more people are likely to be lured to smaller theatres, boosting local economies and also boosting the appeal of theatre in general.

With many London theatre tickets available at an extremely low cost online, there is a good chance that the same people will then choose to see West End shows at a very low cost too, meaning that the allure of theatre is likely to improve all round.

In many ways, the cheap London theatre tickets that have increased the footfall in West End theatres have increased the money available to The Theatres Fund and therefore, in many ways, the more people watching the bigger shows, the more likely the smaller shows are to thrive too.

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