Winter Vs Summer

There’s no doubt that the time of year you choose for your wedding dictates pretty much everything about your day. Once you’ve got that nailed you can start filling in the many details. The promise of warm weather, blossoming flowers and robust attendance makes summer the peak season for weddings. But there are different perks for couples who marry in the winter, namely huge savings.
Peak wedding season falls between May and October in most of the U.K. During that time, most wedding suppliers — including caterers, photographers and car companies — charge the most because their services are in demand. But in the winter, businesses are more likely to be able to negotiate when it comes to price.

By choosing a winter wedding this means you don’t have to worry about the weather, your reception will be held inside so you’ll need to find a hotel or suitable venue to cater for the number of guests your looking at inviting. If it’s beautiful and snowy outside why not think about having a few of your wedding snaps outside, just try not to keep people standing around too long! Summer weddings are still without a doubt the most popular. This allows you to potentially party outside till late (weather permitting!) with your guests being able to flow outside also means your reception could effectively be held in any sort of outside space. Whether it’s the grounds of a hotel or country house or just a beautiful meadow! Choosing this season does allow for more flexibility when it comes to venue and location and you won’t be confined to just one room within a hotel or house.

Whatever the time of year you decide to get married at you’ll need wedding invitations to suit that theme, sumptuous summer brights or metallic frosty snowflakes.

Wedding stationery is a great starting point and a way of setting the scene for your big day. Once you’ve chosen the wedding invitations you’ll already have chosen your colour theme. This means when it comes to flowers and decorations you’ll know what will work and what won’t and should help make some of your many decisions that bit quicker. Don’t forget that your table stationery is not only functional i.e. menu, seating plan etc but it can help decorate your tables. Think about this when choosing your design and you can’t go wrong!

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