Live shows Pleasure for the Soul

Concerts are live performances before the audience on a stage. Although concerts are known as performing music related shows only, it is not limited to and any form of art being performed live can be called a concert. The concert can be executed by an individual or by a large group depending on the kind of performance. Shows that exhibit individual performances like a single musician or a singer or a dancer are called as Solo performances while group performances have different names according to the performance such as an Orchestra or a Choir. There can be many venues where a concert is organized besides the fact that a stage is required and it can be a night-club, a family get-together, a specific concert hall or auditorium etc. Technological developments also have great impacts on the different formats of concerts and it also evolved with the development rapidly from a single performer singing a song or exhibiting some physical art form (dance) to a professionally designed digitally loaded music stage with lights & sounds effects to astonish the audiences.

As concerts have been through stages of developments, the artists performing in the concerts have grown to adapt one common thing and that is making use of additional devices to attract the spectators and create an exciting atmosphere. These theatrical inclusions in the concerts make it livelier and encourage participation of the audiences and that is the reason it has gained huge popularity with the time and being practiced in almost every such performance.

As we talked about various formats of the concerts, festival is one of them. Festival is a series of live stage shows performed in a sequence for several days. This can be organized for an individual artist or for a group or artists showing their talent by exhibiting several performance displays.

A very famous format of the concert is known as Concert Tours that essentially exhibits several shows by an artist or a group of artists in different locations. This is the most widely-accepted format of the concerts in modern days and has gained huge popularity in last 2-3 decades. Artists like Madonna, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson have done more than 50 concert tours in their professional career and it being one of the most important reasons behind concert tours getting huge popularity.

Although the initial idea behind organizing a concert was to generate money for charity and support the under-privileged part of the society, it grew to a big revenue generating mechanism. With festivals and concert tours came into existence, concerts has become a big enterprise level event involving hundreds of artists and performing for millions of audiences which in turn generate huge revenue.

Concerts gained big recognition after the world-war II when the societies across the globe were trying to recover from the tragedy and artists played an important role to make it livelier. World has seen thousands of concerts all around and a few of them have made history and will be remembered forever such as The Rolling Stones that created a record revenue of $558 Million (approx) exhibiting several shows in different cities during 2005-2007. Madonna, the very famous artist, is known to generate the maximum revenue earned as a solo artist that made around $408 million.

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