Finding The Best 3rd Party Printer Ink

Getting around the problem of excessively expensive printer ink is not easy. The consumer can be left feeling disenfranchised and unable to make a decision without investing a significant amount of time learning about the technology. Essentially, printer ink is so expensive because many printer companies employ a business model called ‘razor and blades’. This means that they break even on the price of producing the printer, but then expect to make money by forcing the consumer to use their ink toner.

Fortunately, there are those who saw a gap in the market and found that they could produce printer and ink toner for a fraction of the cost. This hands a great deal of power back to the consumer, since there are more options on the market. However, becoming aware of these options isn’t easy because they aren’t always stocked in your local electronics store. So, using the Internet to find cheaper printer ink is a great idea. But what are the risks and benefits?

Of course there is always a risk that the 3rd party printer ink is not going to be of a similar quality as the printer brand. In this event, you should check to see what quality controls are in place with regards to the technology. Ensuring a good quality supplier of ink is essential, but once you have ascertained that, the quality of your print should be just as good.

The ink cartridges must physically fit your machine as well, so you must make sure that your printer is supported by the manufacturer. In most cases, the 3rd party ink cartridges will hold significantly more ink than the printer brand and will not include a chip that prevents the cartridge from being refilled. So long as you find a trustworthy manufacturer, 3rd party printer ink could save you a packet.

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