Photo Strut Mounts

A Photo Strut Mount is a freestanding all-in-one picture frame. It contains a slot or folding where an appropriately sized photograph can be slotted and adjusted. The back of the frame contains a cut out and scored section which can be pulled out to make a stand and most Photo Strut Mounts have a cut out on two adjoining sides which allow the frame to stand and display the photograph in either a portrait or landscape style. The frames are usually made from a thick strengthened black card and often feature edging or patterned corners to provide an extra visual embellishment.


Photo Strut Mounts have for many years been used to frame the mass produced and printed group photographs such as team pictures and school photographs. As they are relatively easy and cost effective to produce they helped to enhance the look and quality of the photo in question and helped to ensure that the photographer or studio made the most of the costs profit-wise.

Modern Thinkers

As is often the case the advent of camera equipment and printing technology has led to a boom in the instant picture industry and many customer based industries now use instant photography as a clever and effective marketing tool. Many theme parks, amusement centres, nightclubs and entertainment venues use instant photography as a way of both amusing their guests and helping them capture the moment and creating instant profit. As the photographs are available to take away immediately the customer does not need to wait and providing the photograph in a Strut Mount Frame adds an instant air of quality to the proceedings.


There is a very wide variety of Photo Strut Mounts available on both the open and professional only market and these come in a range of sizes to suit and fit standard photo printing sizes and a variety of qualities from the low priced and somewhat flimsy options which might prove perfect if the business in question is giving away a free gift but which is certainly not appropriate if the business is seeking to trade on a high class and quality reputation. For this purpose there a number of higher priced and much more durable and long lasting alternatives available.

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