How Personal Injury Compensation is Calculated

There are many factors that are considered when a personal injury compensation claim is being calculated. The personal injury law firm will always do their utmost to ensure that their client receives the compensation they deserve for their suffering. It’s always important to remember that when a personal injury befalls someone, the victim is fully entitled to recover any losses they have incurred.

There are several types of common recoverable losses for people who have suffered a personal injury. These include:

• Lost Earnings – If an injury forces a person to take time off work, they will be able to claim back their earnings if they do not receive any pay. Lost earnings are calculated based on pay slips prior to an accident, as this exhibits potential earnings in great detail. Business owners or self-employed people will often have their earnings determined by what their net average monthly wage would have been for at least 3 months before the accident.

• Medical Expenses – If a person has had to pay for any medical treatment as a result of their personal injury, this will also be able to be claimed back as compensation. Personal injury lawyers sometimes provide a medical plan from the outset of a case, making claiming compensation on medical expenses easier to claim back.

• Care & Assistance – Sufferers of personal injuries are entitled to make a care and assistance claim as long as it is justified. This kind of claim can be made by anyone who has had to rely on someone else to look after them as the result of an injury.

These are just some of the most common recoverable losses that a person may encounter when they are making a personal insurance claim.

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