Diamond rings/engagement rings

Choose diamonds for the perfect proposal

To say that making a marriage proposal is a big deal is a huge understatement. For one of life’s grandest gestures everything has to be just right. People agonise about how and where to propose and that’s even before they’ve given the ring any thought. With so much riding on this it’s great to be able to get a bit of help when it comes to picking out engagement rings.

Some formulas are tried and tested. They work for very good reasons. So for engagement rings it really has to be a diamond. There’s just something about this stone above all others that symbolises love and commitment. Plus they make women go weak at the knees. Who wouldn’t want an incredible sparkler on their finger?

Most guys don’t know much about diamond rings. So they need to shop at a jewellers when they can get the help and advice they need in a relaxed and unhurried environment. Quality Diamonds know their stuff. They have stores in Milton Keynes and Hatton Gardens. Prospective buyers can come in and take their time to pick out the perfect ring. One that says “will you marry me?” The staff are friendly and attentive, not pushy or snooty. It makes a refreshing change from some jewellery stores.

Quality Diamonds know their stones. Each and every one is selected for its fine quality. Only the best gems are turned into diamond rings. No matter whether they are shopping for something classic or more contemporary, buyers can shop safe in the knowledge that these are high quality stones and are ethically sourced too.

So when the time, the mood and the setting are all perfectly aligned, produce that beautiful ring and ask the biggest question of all. A ring from Quality Diamonds is bound to make it the perfect proposal.

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