Safety at Night

Personal safety at night means many different things in different situations. Whilst there are all sorts of home safety considerations to take into account, when thinking of your own personal safety, first and foremost, you need to ensure that you are seen should you be out and about at night and, secondly, you need to ensure that you can see.

Should you be a keen cyclist or hiker, the right apparel will be extremely important. High visibility jackets can mean the difference between being spotted from a distance and not being seen at all. Whilst you might be able to see perfectly well in the dark, other people’s night time visibility might not be quite so effective, whilst the ability to see dark shapes in the dark when you are in a car is a great deal less than should you be walking.

When it comes to being able to see, be sure you either have bike lights or torches. For those who enjoy exploring nature, it may also be beneficial to use night vision. Whether you are out with your binoculars for a bit of nocturnal twitching or whether you enjoy camping in more secluded spots, night vision goggles or binoculars can help you to not only see far more, but also to stay safe. Whether the danger is other humans, wildlife or even simply navigating your way to a toilet, by having such technology, you are far more likely to stay safe even on the very darkest of nights.

Ultimately, no matter whether you are heading out for a brisk stroll or heading in to the most isolated areas to get some peace and quiet or explore, personal safety at night is extremely important. Many of us take such safety for granted, but even just ensuring we have the right clothing and the right tools can make a huge amount of difference.

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