3D displays/holograms

Get through to prospects with 3D displays

Prospective customers are continually screening out marketing messages and no wonder. They are completely bombarded by them wherever they go. Getting through to them under the radar takes real skill and innovation.

At a trade fair or expo potential buyers are everywhere. Those guys walking around have access to and sign off for multi million budgets. Catching their eye with a great display and getting them to stop for a quick and chat about the products and services on offer could be game changing for any business. But in a hall full of competing products and exhibitors how can a company stand out from the crowd?

3D displays are creating a real buzz in the marketing community. They’re dazzling, futuristic and impossible not be impressed by. Holograms get noticed and they get people talking.

3D displays are really versatile too. They can feature people or products. It’s a great chance to get noticed and get those key marketing messages across in a fun, innovative and effective way.

Anyone looking to incorporate holograms into their displays should get in touch with the team at Activ8 3D. They’ve been involved with this kind of technology since the early days of the industry. Their approach combines technological know how with design flair to create displays that really appeal to customers and prospects.

Sometimes it really pays to think outside of the box and try something different. A small investment in one of these displays can pay back big dividends in the form of hot leads and new sales. Thanks to Activ8 3D there’s no reason to be lost in the crowd at an expo. Their displays will get everyone talking and ensure a steady stream of traffic to the exhibition stand. The future is here and it’s 3D. Call the team to find out more.

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