Super Duplex

When it comes to pipes, machinery and the like all fixtures and fittings are going to be the same, right? Well, whilst many may seem the same on the surface, there can be a huge amount of difference both in terms of safety and in terms of practicality.

Whilst all fittings might look very similar, the type that you choose can in extreme cases be the difference between life and death and not only is it important to ensure that you choose such fittings (even items as seemingly simple as a flange) from companies who are reputable and look for quality and safety over appealing prices, but it is also important that you understand the differences in material too to ensure that you are buying an item that is right for you.

Whilst duplex is likely to be good, the best option for almost anyone will be choosing super duplex, an option that can ensure that the strength and in turn the safety of your fittings is as high as possible.

Duplex is a type of stainless steel developed to withstand both corrosion and stress. However, the ‘super’ version goes far further than this, offering extremely high strength, high thermal conductivity, and high energy absorption, along with the great benefit that it is pliable and very easy to weld. This makes it the safest choice for almost any industry, but specifically for those that have many potential dangers associated with them.

Super duplex can be used in all manner of industries, being perfect for oil and gas industries, desalination plants, chemical plants and tankers, and even in applications as varied as high resistant wiring and areas that are likely to otherwise see a high fatigue rate.

But whilst it may be perfect for more high-risk industries, it is also cost-effective enough to ensure that any industry can simply find their fittings and pipes safer as a result.

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