Improving Your Sky Set Up

Despite the fact that the likes of Freeview have offered us more channels than ever before without a subscription, many people still choose to pay for satellite subscription channels. There are many different reasons for this, from the fact that Sky have been extremely clever in moving with the times to offer far more flexible packages right through to the ease with which Sky can be used and the sheer number of extra, specialised channels that satellite can offer.

One such facet of Sky which is extremely useful is the fact that there are now apps available which let you synchronise your phone with your Sky digibox. By doing so, you can easily send it information, allowing you to set a timer whilst you are not even at home, whether you forgot to do so at home or whether you simply found out about a show you wish to watch whilst you were out.

For those who are simply using an ordinary Sky set up, adding such apps to your phone can open up a whole world of viewing potential.

Upgrading your Sky digibox to Sky plus, Sky HD or Sky 3D can also offer many great benefits. Whilst these are far more commonly known about, many people have never actually seen the difference that HD or 3D can offer and as such it may well be worth actually trying the technology out for yourself.

Finally, there is also Sky Magic Eye. Whilst many families have been able to pay high installation fees for years to get the Sky signal passed to different televisions in the house, it is now possible to buy a very cheap and simple Sky Magic Eye pack and set such things up yourself. On top of this, you get the added benefit of being able to change the channel from any room, and all without the excessive installation fees that sharing a signal would once have incurred.

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