When used fork lift trucks are needed, why go anywhere else?

If you’re the proud owner of a thriving business that operates in multiple locations in the United Kingdom, you will need to have technology that matches this success. However, if your budget for doing this is not as substantial as you hoped it would be finding a leading provider is very important. However, courtesy of our vast experience of helping numerous businesses just like you, we have been the first choice of many.

Thanks to our wide variety of used forklift trucks, there is no need to choose anyone else when you require an item of machinery that can be relied on. The price of purchasing brand new forklift trucks is often very expensive and if you need used fork lift trucks this can be difficult. However, the trucks that we supply will astound you due to the quality of their refurbishment.

In all, we are proud suppliers of two ranges of used fork lift trucks with Flexi Trucks being a prime example of such. These particular used forklift trucks are available to purchase at unbelievable prices and the advantages that each fork lift truck offers is second to none. We make several Flexi Trucks available at any given point with the Flexi G2 Lift Height 8650mm chosen by a countless number of businesses all around the United Kingdom. This particular truck has an 1800kg capacity, comes with a comfortable seating position as well as an 8650mm lift. With full hydraulic power steering and large solid tyres, the Flexi G2 Lift Height 8650mm also has a 12 month Onsite Warranty for its battery if so desired.

When you want to find out more information, contact us. Our customer focused team have extensive experience of aiding multiple businesses in purchasing superior used forklift trucks and they look forward to helping you.

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