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If you’ve been disappointed with the gas detection or monitoring equipment that you have purchased in recent years, this needn’t happen again courtesy of what we can offer. Our gas detection equipment is simply marvellous and they can be relied upon.

In all, we stock multiple items of gas detection equipment. With each using advanced technology to their advantage, the results which they offer are bound to astound you. For example, the Sentro Universal Gas Detector which we are proud to supply has been chosen by a countless number of businesses that work in incredibly harsh conditions. This particular gas detector can store information about what it previously captured. Therefore, when new personnel start working in this environment and they need to know what the atmosphere was like earlier, this data can be found out almost instantaneously. Able to detect carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide and methane the other advantage of this gas detection equipment product is that it’s also purchasable at highly affordable prices.

Also popular too is the Cherub Personal Gas Alarm. Transportable from one location to another as it is hand held, this gas monitoring equipment product can detect methane and carbon monoxide among others. When gas is discovered, the Cherub Personal Gas Alarm will vibrate, make a very loud beeping noise as well as displaying a flashing alarm. This therefore makes it very suitable for when your employees are working in an environment that is noisy. This is one of the main reasons why businesses that operate in a dangerous environment have chosen this item on a countless number of occasions.

If you would like to know more about why choosing us for when gas detection and gas monitoring equipment is the right choice, contact us. Our dedicated team are always willing to answer any queries which you may have.

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