The Sun is Nearer than You Think

Ok, so the actual sun itself might be fairly far away – around 150 million miles away by all accounts – but getting yourself out in the sun might not involve going anywhere near as far as you might think. Whilst the long autumn may seem somewhat bearable due to pretty Christmas lights and the promise of all things festive, but once the New Year arrives and the winter is in full swing, the majority of us suddenly wish we hadn’t disappeared for that summer holiday and were instead heading somewhere sunny to avoid the ice and snow.

However, with nowhere in Britain being more than 70 miles from the sea, there is a chance that there is easy access for a great majority of us to simply pack our bags and head for the mainland. A drive to Italy or Spain might seem like a long and arduous one, but with cheap ferries leaving everyday from ports all over the country, there is usually a very quick and easy route for us to simply disappear to the sun whenever we want. With a tent slung in the back of the car and the essentials we need, such a trip can be a lot cheaper than trying to find a package deal and allow you far more flexibility in terms of how long you spend away and when exactly you go.

With so many ferry crossings each day, it is easy for us to simply be spontaneous and head for somewhere sunny whenever we want. It is actually considerably faster to drive from Dover to Spain than it is to head from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

So, with so many cheap ferries available and so many ferry crossings, the sun is never far way, no matter what time of the year. So once the festive cheer has worn thin, why not get some sun to cheer you up?

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