Web 2 print

The vast majority of companies have printing needs – whether this is large scale marketing campaigns, stationary or a corporate magazine.

Increasingly web 2 print, or remote publishing, methods are being used for printing. Web 2 print basically refers to the online process of creating your content and seeing this through to the print stage. Web 2 print involves firstly developing your creative electronically, whether this is a leaflet, mailer, poster, magazine or advert. A web 2 print company will use company branding guidelines to create a range of templates, from letterheads and business cards to promotional leaflets. The templates created by a web 2 print company will have changeable elements, for example copy, headings, logos and images, meaning individual creatives can be created, which are still very much in line with the set branding guidelines.

Most web 2 print companies will allocate each customer an online account, which both the customer and the web 2 print company have access to. Within this account will be the editable templates and a process for ordering prints. Web 2 print companies can create a range of templates to place in your account and whilst these are editable, they can make certain items such as standard safety warnings fixed. This means that even people with access to your online web 2 print account cannot produce material which does not meet your company’s specifications.

With web 2 print companies, ordering reprint is extremely easy. Simply log into your web 2 print online account, choose which template you would like to order prints of, make any edits, state your quantity and any other requirements you may have and submit. Your web 2 print company will process your request and your prints will usually be with you within 48 hours.

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