What is the secret of good content?

When looking for SEO services, you should be careful about what certain agencies promise you. All too often the main emphasis is on delivering masses of content without actually looking at what your business goals are. Content is an essential element offered by those providing search engine optimisation services.
We all know how important content is for attracting targeted users and pleasing the search engines. However more and more businesses are producing content for the sake of it. This is growing trend and with content being so pivotal to an SEO campaign you may question if mass producing content in this way is such a bad thing.
SEO professionals will often talk about ‘good content’ but do you really understand what that means. There is a growing industry of agencies that specialise in producing ‘good content’ on your behalf and there are even those companies that rent content. Good content is not a whole range of articles talking about the history of your product and certainly is not spam styled blogs. It is also not that content which is written specifically to attract the search engines.
What makes content ‘good’?
The secret to good content is writing something that is truly unique. Effective and good content is that creative idea that only you thought of. At the heart of all brilliant content is a great moment of creativity. However for many businesses creativity is dying away. Many companies look at what their competitors are writing and simply rehash it. This is not the recipe for success – you need to become a leader in your market rather than a follower. Those websites that make a success of their content are those that find an authority voice and share their opinions with their target audience. They stand at the forefront of their industry and aren’t afraid to speak out. These website owners put their whole creativity into their site and content rather than opting for a quick fix.
This approach will make the content attractive to both users and search engines. It will attract targeted traffic to the website for a wide range of key phrases relative to your market. This is not something that can be shortcut or achieved with the press of a button.
What are your business goals?
SEO services will not achieve anything unless you take time to find out what you really need for your business. There are plenty of SEO companies out there that will tell you what you want to hear about content writing. They will say it can achieve results with little or no effort and will take your hard earned cash from under your nose. However they are only telling you what they know you want to hear. Content writing needs you to put your heart and soul into it to stand out from the crowd and deliver something truly unique.
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