Beat hanging around – jump straight in a Gatwick taxi

Long haul flights are a real struggle. The first few hours aren’t too bad, but then they just seem to go on and on. Those planes are cramped and people feel pretty jaded by the time they touch down at Gatwick. No wonder then that the last thing people want to do after baggage reclaim and passport control is to hang around waiting for a train or a bus to get back into London. They just want to get home, put their feet up and have a nice cup of tea.

A Gatwick taxi is the perfect way to beat the queues and hanging around for public transport. Passengers can just jump straight in and head direct to their front door. A real treat after a mammoth journey.

Gatwick to London is a bit of a trek. The airport is a long way out of the city, so no wonder then that so many people assume a taxi is just too expensive. However, a quick look at the rates reveals they aren’t too bad. Plus it’s worth paying a little bit extra for the added comfort and convenience.

A Gatwick taxi is perfect for a group of people travelling together. In fact it probably works out cheaper than the the train or the bus if people can split the cost. And it’s so much nicer just being able to jump in and head straight into town without waiting around.

Getting from Gatwick to London after a long flight doesn’t have to be a hassle. A taxi might sound a little luxurious, but it makes sense on so many different levels. And when compared to the other transport options on offer it isn’t as expensive as many people assume. So forget the train and the bus, just jump straight into a cab and get home as quickly as possible instead.

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