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Alcatraz is really a phrase deeply ingrained within our cultural consciousness like a resource of mystery and curiosity, therefore it appears fitting that J.J. Abrams and Elizabeth Sarnoff, two of the genius minds behind the equally enigmatic “Lost,” would choose to tackle the iconic island for the up coming high-concept Television sequence. “Alcatraz” (premiering Mon., Jan. sixteen, 8 p.m. Orient on Fox) might be lacking smoke monsters and roman policier bears, but you may still find a great deal of inquiries to be answered, as HuffPost Tv identified once we visited the Vancouver-based set in October. The show’s tale starts in March 1963, when history lets us know the prison was closed due to unmanageable operating charges and the erosion of buildings from several years of salt water publicity. In the planet of “Alcatraz,” the genuine reason behind the closure is way more persuasive: 302 prisoners and guards mysteriously vanish without a trace, and then reappear in our time without having aged. An not likely team — Alcatraz historian and comic author Physician Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia), police detective Rebecca Madsen (Sarah Jones) and authorities agent Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill) — must interact to capture the returned inmates and find out the truth behind their disappearance.

Although Garcia admitted that his new character on “Alcatraz” has his humorous moments, followers should not expect Hurley 2.0 from Document Soto. “It’s entertaining finding a new guy. I’m digging what they’ve been writing personally,” he said. “I don a lot more apparel than on ‘Lost’ — I’ve been carrying out that and I did that for 6 many years; now let’s study someone new and visit exactly where I might opt for it a different way.” However Garcia and Neill’s characters are integral sections of the story, Detective Rebecca Madsen is our correct entry point to the mystery. She’s a Scully-esque skeptic whose friends and family background is inexorably connected to the prison. Sarah Jones has appeared in numerous guest spots and recurring roles (especially in “Big Love” and “Sons of Anarchy”), but “Alcatraz” marks her to begin with expertise as the lead.

Jones described the present like a “procedural hybrid” that balances the weekly mysteries with additional character advancement and continuing mythology. In phrases of her character, Jones reported: “It’s about her journey right into a pretty new stage, a new chapter in their life that connects her to her past that they did not know about earlier than. Her world is basically turned upside down in the pilot and [the show] follows her as a result of trying to place the parts together, while she’s catching the worst of the worst finding its way back and wreaking damage to the very good men and women of The usa.” Nevertheless Sam Neill wasn’t on set throughout The Huffington Post’s pay a visit to, his co-star helped shed a bit light on Neill’s cryptic Emerson Hauser, a member of a shadowy govt company who generally seems to know much more about the insider secrets of Alcatraz than he’s letting on. “There’s unquestionably strategies he is attempting to keep from their store,” Garcia admitted. “He allows things out, but really lets out in an exceedingly thin trickle. It is not like a big notion of you become president after which go, ‘All proper, allow me to explain to you what’s in the top secret closet wherever the aliens are.’ It will become pretty need-to-know with him, simply because he is old-school G-man.” Luckily Rebecca and Doc have the other person when Hauser’s becoming guarded. “It’s us towards Hauser from time to time, very much,” Garcia claimed. “I think we’ve this sort of relationship where we glance out for each other. She does the ass kicking stuff; I do the vagrant. But we also try to watch one another’s back again. We realize that individuals have to deal with Hauser — and Hauser’s not likely to constantly give to us a lot of data, so you’ll sometimes find moments the place we merely obtain ourselves being forced to be in cahoots with one another, I think.”

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