The importance of Theatrical Make Up

Planning a stage musical of Dracula for your local amateur dramatics society? When you step through the Stage Curtains will you look fangtastic wearing Theatrical Make Up that helps you look the part? Getting the right look is important for stage productions and Theatrical Make Up helps you to create a wealth of different effects. Theatrical Make Up can help you to create a host of colourful characters when you are performing to the audience. Sit in front of the mirror, apply a liberal amount of Theatrical Make Up and you are ready to act your socks off on stage. Wow the audience with your acting skills and get in character wearing make up that’s perfect for the role.

You can totally change your appearance with Theatrical Make Up and create a host of different effects. If you want to add a few years to your appearance draw lines and wrinkles on your face using Theatrical Make Up that’s designed for all types of skin. Theatrical Make Up is often worn with accessories like fake noses, wigs and false teeth and you can create a range of different effects using make up kits that come packed with products. Apply Theatrical Make Up and you can highlight certain areas of the face, make cheekbones more prominent, give lips more pout, sag jaw lines or add wrinkles to the brow. With a bit of practice you can be clever with Theatrical Make Up and bring eyes and lips to life.

Great care should be taken when applying Theatrical Make Up to achieve the best possible results. Carefully apply Theatrical Make Up and when you walk through the Stage Curtains for the first time the audience should be naturally drawn to your character. There’s a knack to applying make up and in larger production companies Theatrical Make Up is applied by a professional artist that has received specialist training. Most amateur productions don’t have this luxury. Before they can tread the boards they have to apply their own make up and then they are ready to appear from behind Stage Curtains. Tips and pointers can be found online that show you how to apply theatre make up and you can buy base materials from theatre supply sites like Lancelyn.



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