Mobile working/cloud computing providers

The cloud computing revolution

The world of work is changing radically. Not even a generation ago people were tied to their desks because technology wasn’t portable. In order to be productive they had to physically be at work in order to access their PC. Nowadays people are free from desks and wires. It’s possible to work from tiny laptops, tablets and even smartphones. Mobile working is the order of the day and it’s transforming daily working life.

Staff can now work from home without issue. They can be productive on the move when they are on a train or a plane. If they are making overnight trips they can get catch up on email from their hotel room. There’s no need to call the office or sit still being unproductive as messages and tasks pile up in the background.

At the heart of this revolution is the Internet. Information, systems and servers can be accessed wherever people are. Rather than storing things on internal systems they are held in the “cloud”, which means people can get to the information they need remotely just by using an Internet connection.

The effects are startling. Mobile working is transforming the lives of millions of people around the world, whether it’s being able to work from home 2 days a week or having access to work systems 24/7 from any location, it’s a huge leap forward.

Cloud computing providers are driving this revolution. They are taking older legacy systems and adapting them so companies can exploit and benefit from this new model. The benefits can be measured in all kinds of different ways. The main ones are reduced IT expenditure, improved productivity and a reduction in the amount of office space required.

Cloud computing providers can help companies transform the way they do business and operate a much leaner, nimbler and more efficient model.

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