Cash for phones/sell my mobile phone

Don’t just throw away that old mobile phone

Christmas is an exciting time. Yes it’s a time for giving, but really deep down people love receiving presents best of all. And for many people that shiny new gift this Christmas would have been a smart new mobile phone. Getting a new phone is always fun. They change so much in such a short space of time. Moving on from that tired old handset to one with the very latest looks, styling and features is always a great moment.

However, it’s important to slow down for just one minute. Don’t get too carried away with that lovely new phone just yet. What about the old one? What’s going to happen to it and is it worth anything? More and more people are waking up to the fact that they can get some extra cash for phones. Money that comes in handy after that Christmas spending spree.

So people have that light bulb moment – I’ll sell my mobile phone. So how best to go about it? No one wants to mess around placing ads or trying to sell it on an Internet auction site and there’s no need to either. Mobile phone recycling companies will happily offer cash for phones.

Not only do customers make some extra money, but they are doing the right thing by the environment too. Those handsets contain all kinds of elements that are both useful and toxic. Recycling companies salvage parts that can be reused and dispose of the harmful and dangerous components in a controlled fashion, which is great news for the environment as well as the bank balance.

When people think I know I’ll sell my mobile phone the whole process is really easy. Go online, get a quote from the recycling site and then if it’s acceptable request a prepaid envelope to dispatch the handset.

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