Upping the online ante with SEO articles

When businesses feel confused about the lack of online exposure their websites are achieving, many decide to look externally for professional help. They do this because they have heard about search engine optimisation. They have heard about the various techniques that the SEO experts use in order to significantly improve the search engine rankings of websites. Another reason they look outside their own organisations is that, whilst they might have a modicum of insight in to how SEO works, they do not feel they have the levels of expertise or spare time on their hands to undertake activity of any real substance. When outsourcing SEO to credible and professional service providers, one aspect of SEO that often crops up very early in the conversation is that of SEO articles.

Most business owners and marketing personnel have some awareness of creating backlinks through the submission of the latest search engine optimisation news articles. In some cases, they may have attempted to give SEO articles a try for themselves. Yet many find that the writing of engaging and professional keyword optimized copy is not as easy as it looks. Furthermore, even if a team member within a business enjoys the writing aspect and is reasonably good at it, the writing of SEO articles is only the first part of the process. The time and effort it takes a staff member to write articles is rendered futile if the business lacks the specific expertise to identify relevant sites for submission, and actually follow through with submissions.

Therefore, the professional writing and submission of SEO articles is tremendously time saving for businesses that are more than aware of the importance of website optimisation, yet lacking relevant expertise and resources in house. Credible SEO agencies employ professional copywriters that are experienced in writing specifically for the internet. Businesses can rest assured of the correct keyword usage, by way of the right words and the right amount of words, incorporated naturally in to the conversational flow of each and every article. However, these copywriters are acutely aware that it is their job to ensure that their work satisfies two audiences. One target audience is the search engine spiders, and the other is human readers.

Bearing their dual potential ‘readership’ in mind, experienced copywriters skilfully amalgamate the keywords that capture the attention of search engine spiders with content that engages human readers. They research and write about the products and services of businesses. They also keep an eye on any industry news or general news that they can use to draw connections and spin stories.

At Optimization.co.uk, it is not only our copywriters that are intrinsic to the process. When their part of the job is fulfilled, it is then over to our experts who know exactly what to do with the SEO articles. Our ethos is based on quality rather than quantity. We ensure that the initial research we carry out results in the article submissions to only the most relevant portals, specific to our clients’ sectors, to generate the most credible coverage.