Testing the UK Market

If your business is based outside the UK, a move there may seem somewhat risky. After all, the cost of setting up office space, undertaking the lengthy applications and simply developing a strategy to suit the market could be wasted should you later find out that you simply were not right for the British market.

Yet, this does not necessarily have to be an issue, and testing the market in the UK can be both simple and cost-effective, allowing you to test the water without a huge financial risk.

Whilst many may assume that the internet is the best place to do this, a physical presence will offer allow you to understand the potential rewards and risk far more easily that internet sales will. After all, those looking for specific goods or services are far more likely to initially look within the UK than elsewhere.

By looking at serviced offices, it should be easy to find office space that is very cost-effective and that can be for as short or as long as you need it. Whilst you may well need a senior member of your team to spearhead the move, the majority of the staff setting up a British office can be British making the legal ramifications of such a move far easier to deal with. In turn, the costs can be very limited and you can easily try out your approach before looking to make a full scale move, removing many of the risks and allowing you to focus your approach far more effectively at the same time.

Serviced offices allow you to simply move into a work space in the exact area you need to be, all without the excessive costs or upheaval that a full-scale move could bring. In turn, whether the move turns out to be right or not, you will have been able to test the market effectively in the most focussed way possible.