Post Winter Home Repairs

Once the winter is over, there is a good chance that you are likely to notice the negative effect it has had on your home. From ruined gardens to weather beaten roofs, there are many areas that will need a good amount of TLC if you want your home to look as good as possible once spring and summer arrive.

The first place to consider is your guttering. Whilst your gutters might not be as aesthetically important as other areas, winter can leave them blocked and damaged, which may only seem mildly inconvenient, but may actually cause you many problems. Blocked guttering can see water overflowing and causing damage to the facade of your home or even to your foundations should such water leave your garden waterlogged. As soon as the dry weather comes around, it is worth making sure that they are clear and perfectly functioning if you want to ensure you avoid water damage.

Whilst in the majority of cases it will be far better to repair a problem than cover it up, there are certain cases where the opposite will be true. Should you see weather damage to larger sections of your home or prominently on brickwork, then you may well find that UPVC fascias are a good way to not only hide such unsightly problems from view but also to ensure that they don’t get exacerbated over time.

Once you have new or repaired gutters and your home has some extra protection from the presence of some UPVC fascias, it may be worth seeing how your windows are holding up against the winter elements. Seals can be easily damaged by winter weather whilst major changes in temperature or moisture can leave wood shrinking or expanding. A quick check of all windows could easily help you save a huge amount of money in lost heat, even in the more clement spring weather.