The iPad is a serious business tool

For many years PCs have ruled the roost in the workplace. Think of a traditional office of the last few years and most people imagine banks of workers sat at their desks with a tower PC, keyboard, monitor and mouse. It’s computing with limits. Those machines are plugged into the wall and in order to be productive workers have to be at their desk.

This model is changing as technology becomes more portable and powerful. Wireless broadband allows staff to work from anywhere, at home, in a coffee shop or at the airport. This brave new world needs brave new machines that reflect how the modern worker goes about their daily business.

In recent years there’s been an increasing amount of use of Apple in business. People love their Macs, their lightweight Macbooks and now business users can’t wait to get their hands on their new tablet device – the iPad.

Ipad for business is movement that is gaining momentum. They are great devices for showing and sharing information, videos and presentations with colleagues, but what is really driving iPad for business is its use as a training tool.

Business users can learn alone with an iPad. It can be used to support classroom sessions, but also incorporated into them as well. Users can acquire, reinforce and revive key skills thanks to these ingenious machines and their use in the workplace is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Even just a few years ago the use of Apple in business was something of a rarity or a novelty. These machines have broken out of the design department and are going mainstream. Let’s not dismiss the iPad as a novelty or executive toy. It has many serious business applications. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a couple to try them out as business and educational tools?