Why Sky is Still a Great Choice

It may seem that, with the ever growing number of channels available on Freeview and Freesat, Sky suddenly has lost a great amount of its appeal. However, not only has Sky still got a far greater range of choice than any other alternative option, but they have also moved with the times and ensured that they can now offer many more different packages to ensure you get an experience that is as perfect for you as possible.

Firstly, it is easy to buy a Sky digibox separately. This may not seem like much of a bonus, but it means that you are not beholden to receiving certain packages and can instead choose to add certain channels only when you see fit. By buying a Sky digibox you can effectively use it as Freeview portal and only choose subscription channels when you so wish.

There are other reasons why a Sky dish and digibox may well be a good choice, even in a world filled with free digital channels. Firstly, by having channels transmitted via satellite, you are likely to receive far more channels and a far clearer picture than by normal aerial-based transmissions. On top of this, you can also buy cheap add-ons such as a Sky Magic Eye to get your Sky picture in any room in the house without costly installations and excessive cables.

Ultimately, Sky offers you options that no other alternative will. Therefore by getting a digibox and a Sky Magic Eye, you have plenty of options open to you, and can add extras as and when you like rather than being confined by a different specific medium.

From the extra choice available to the availability of the likes of HD and 3D, if you want to have the option to get more, but also the ability to pay less, Sky will be the best choice all round.