Offering a high level of electrical inspection

When a company needs to have electrical inspection completed for them so that they comply with the Electricity at Work (EAW) Regulations 1989, choosing a business which has a proven track record is therefore vital. Thanks to our extensive experience of having helped numerous businesses to do exactly this, our professionals are able to assist courtesy of many different types of electrical inspection.

There is one very popular type of electrical inspection which continues to be chosen over many others. This is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). Thanks to this, all electrical items are taken into consideration as they are seen as possible risks to your employees and visitors. Under Portable Appliance Testing, multiple tasks are carried out. This includes visually inspecting all electrical appliances, testing earth resistance, labelling each item with a unique code in conjunction with the asset register as well as tightening every terminal and cable clamp. If our professionals discover any failed items, they will report it to the Duty Holder. By carrying out efficient Portable Appliance Testing also means that the Health & Safety credentials of a company are demonstrated especially as no harm will be caused to their employees, visitors as well as senior members within a business such as yourself.

There are many advantages to choosing our assistance over any others. Firstly, you will have access to a company that carries out over one million PAT tests every year. This does not happen in a limited number of locations but in fact across the United Kingdom. Also, the prices which are charged for our PAT tests are never expensive. We understand how important it is to businesses that they keep their costs to a minimum and this is why we choose to ask for only highly affordable sums of money at all times.

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