Tablet demand to rise

The popularity of tablet PC devices, including Android tablet versions, is rising in the UK and many other countries around the world, and a study conducted by one organisation has confirmed their expanding status in the southern hemisphere.

According to research carried out by emerging technology analyst firm Telsyte, Australians are increasingly switching on to the benefits of these handy items.

It found that a total of 2.6 million Australians are in possession of technology like this, with 1.4 million tables being sold in the country last year alone. This represented an annual growth rate of more than 330 per cent.

The company predicted that over the course of 2012, more than two million more tablet PC devices, including Android tablet versions, will be purchased. Meanwhile, by 2016, this figure could have risen to five million. Indeed, by this date, Telsyte estimates that around half of the nation’s population will be using a media tablet.

Commenting on the buoyancy of the market, the firm remarked: “The media tablet audience is also growing rapidly as device proliferation continues unabated, especially within families, where a device is often shared between two or more people. The rapidly growing audience is creating unprecedented opportunities for media publishers that are delivering their content via dedicated applications.”

This trend towards increasing usage of tablets is being mirrored in many countries across the globe and it is not hard to see why. These items have a plethora of uses and can be great value for money. Also, they are highly convenient and can be transported with ease.

Meanwhile, as diversity within the sector continues to rise, the number of options open to consumers climbs, meaning that individuals stand a better chance than ever of finding the perfect devices for them within their price ranges. It seems likely that over coming years, the market will continue to develop apace.