Huge fireplaces for sale

Many homes have fireplaces which are normally fairly modest in size. The general rule of thumb is to put a fireplace which is proportional to the room size. However, one giant version was recently put up for sale on eBay.
Thomas Ismay’s Inglenook fireplace was placed on the auction website with a reserve of £20,000, the Guardian reports.
This was one ofa pair fireplaces which were constructed for the White Star Line owner’s Cheshire mansion, which stood for 50 years before being demolished in 1927. According to the publication, the fireplaces were “getting on for the size of an actual house”, showing that Mr Ismay’s passion for grandeur extended beyond his company’s most famous ship, the Titanic.

One fireplace can be seen at Clough Williams-Ellis’ fantasy village in Portmeirion, North Wales, whilst the other one at the entrance to a cabaret-restaurant in Birkenhead”. This particular one was put on sale.
The newspaper described the object as “one of the oddest items available on eBay”. It was noted that is size was so overwhelming, it towered over guests at the mansion it was created for.

Commenting on the Inglenook, Chris Costelloe from the Victorian Society said: “This wonderful fireplace with its solid marble columns is part of Merseyside’s heritage and deserves to remain intact and in the Wirral. It would make a splendid exhibit in a local museum, as an enduring reminder of Dawpool House and of the achievements of a Liverpool shipping magnate.”

Similarly, one of the staff members of this firm commented on his original fireplace.
His house was one of three houses built together in early 1900s. Each property had identical features including the fireplaces in the sitting rooms.
On moving into his home, he thought the fireplace was a bit plain although it was 70 inches wide.
He looked up the local Yellow Pages and found a salvage yard. He phoned up the salvage yard, and a man came down from there. On looking at it, he said “I have good news and bad news”. His face was gleaming with joy. The good news is that I will give you £400 and take it away just now. The bad news is that it will damage some of your plasterwork.
The owner of the house was reluctant to get his plasterwork damaged as he just had it plastered. He commented that “I’ll think about it”.
He had time one day and went to the salvage yard. To his surprise, he seen the same fireplace on sale for£2,800. He was shocked and commented, “I’ll keep a hold of the fireplace, it’s a part of the character of the house.

Some people are lucky to have such distinct items in their homes, however most people desire their homes to move with today’s lifestyle rather than be stuck in a certain era.
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