Cheeky posters used to advertise Sports Relief

Many organisations seeking to promote their goods, services or events make use of printers in London and elsewhere in order to help them produce eye-catching posters. Often, they spend a long time considering the design of these marketing aids before they head to printing services in London and so on.

One poster that is bound to get the attention of those who see it is a Sports Relief offering featuring actress Alice Barry. The 65-year-old, who plays Lillian Tyler in Channel 4 programme Shameless, has showed that she is not shy when it comes to getting her kit off.

Posing for Sports Relief, she bared her bottom in a picture that is intended to imitate a racy Athena pin-up. The original featured Fiona Walker and was created in 1976.

The posters are part of the effort to raise the profile of the fundraising event, which will take place from Friday March 23rd until Sunday March 25th. The biennial occurrence is organised by Comic Relief in association with BBC Sport and it helps to raise money to help vulnerable people in the UK and the world’s poorest countries. The heart of the campaign is the Sports Relief Mile.

Commenting on her contribution, Ms Barry said: “What better reason to get my kit off than for Sport Relief. I had an absolute ball and I want you to join in on the fun with me by entering the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile on Sunday 25th March right now – or you’ll have me to answer to. Move over Andy Murray, there’s a new tennis champ in town.”

This year, hundreds of events are taking place across the UK and participation is likely to be considerable.

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