Mariella Frostrup calls for beanbags in museums

Beanbags are an increasingly common sight in buildings around the UK. As well as proving a hit in people’s homes, they are also popular in offices, educational centres and other such places. From traditional versions of the products to the bean bag chair, there are many different types of item for individuals to choose from.

If one celebrity gets her way, the offerings may soon feature in museums around the country too. In a new campaign, TV presenter and journalist Mariella Frostrup has called for such centres to be made more child-friendly.

The Norwegian-born blonde, who is the patron of the charity Kids in Museums, has suggested that at present, many museums are not welcoming places for youngsters.

As well as advocating the addition of beanbags, she suggested that there should be soft sofas and places where teenagers can relax and have a chat. Also, she recommended that managers should encourage youngsters to text and tweet, rather than telling them not to use their phones.

Frostrup remarked: “Teenagers have been getting a very bad press. We read that they’re badly behaved, idle and don’t speak quite like we would wish. Well – their involvement in museums proves the opposite – that if they’re given the chance they get stuck in and contribute great ideas and hard work.

“Museums can lead the way in promoting a better image of teenagers. That’s a far better idea than just condemning them.”

She helped launch the Kids in Museums Manifesto 2012, which includes 20 recommendations for making museums more family-friendly. More than 300 museums use it as a guide and have pledged support for the ideas.

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