Escaping the Olympic Rush

A recent poll discovered that well over 80% of people felt that the cost of the Olympic Games was not worth the benefits it would bring the UK. Whether that is typical British cynicism or a sage financial evaluation is as yet unclear, but either way it shows one thing – a huge number of us are not that fussed about the prospect of sport.

And yet, come the summer, it will be impossible to escape it. Unless, of course, you choose to escape Britain.

Not only is the idea of the Olympics enough to put some off, but there is also the inevitable influx of tourists to consider. Whilst this will undoubtedly benefit the economy, it is likely to cause no end of chaos for those wishing to go about their daily business.

Should you wish to avoid the Olympic rush, it may well be worth looking at escaping to Europe on the Eurotunnel or on a Calais ferry. Whilst tickets to Britain are likely to be more expensive during the Olympic games, should you book to actually avoid the games, you are likely to find very favourable rates indeed both from and to France.

The Olympics themselves are undoubtedly a good thing. They promote teamwork, patriotism, good health and are likely to instil a great sense of community and spirit throughout Britain. However, it also provides a very cost-effective time to get away on holiday and by getting a ferry to France and exploring Europe during this time you are simply going to get to miss out on a great deal of disruption and hyperbole too.

So if you wish to get away this year, it may well be worth looking online to see how cheap a ferry might be during the Games and seek some culture, or just a little bit of peace and quiet, elsewhere.

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