Why do companies use Asset Labels?

Want to keep a tab of the assets that your company owns? Of course you do, having invested heavily in items of equipment it’s only natural you’ll want to protect them as best you can. A great way to monitor the movements of products is to fit them with Asset Labels. An Asset tag can be fitted to anything of value and it’s the perfect way to control your company’s valuables.

Asset Labels are easy to attach and they can be printed in company colours, have logos fitted and even have barcodes stenciled onto them. Different types of labels are produced for individual circumstances and no matter which industry you might operate within you can bet there’ll be Asset Labels that are suitable for your business.

Keep a check on those valuables and fit Asset Labels printed to your exact specifications.

Step up security

I know what you’re thinking. What’s to stop people from taking the Asset Labels off your equipment isn’t it easy to remove an Asset Tag? Put it this way, tamper resistant Asset Labels don’t exactly make it easy for would-be-thieves. Once the Asset Labels are fitted to property it’s not just difficult to remove them, it’s impossible, there’s no way the labels can be removed intact. You can tell straight away if the Asset Labels have been tampered with and this tends to deter thieves.

Asset Labels are a visual warning to thieves and they show you are a company that likes to closely monitor all of its precious items of equipment.

Think of the advantages

Clearly label your equipment with Asset Labels and it has numerous benefits. Not only can you track and trace items that have been fitted with Asset Labels you can prevent them from being swapped with other items of equipment. Loan out equipment that is fitted with Asset Labels and know exactly who is in charge of the items thanks to an up-to-date barcode registry. Plus, the Asset Labels make it easier for you to perform stock takes, you equipment is instantly identifiable when an Asset Tag has been fitted.

Fit items of equipment with Asset Tags that clearly show your business branding and users are left in no doubt as to whom the items belong to.


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