CCTV monitoring will help deter thieves…………….FACT!

The statistics are astounding, every 37 seconds a home in the UK is burgled, and that adds up to a massive 1 million actual or attempted burglaries every year! Research shows that a burglar will choose a property with no visible signs of security such as CCTV monitoring, door entry systems or security lighting. First Line Security Solutions understand that especially in today’s tough economic climate where crime levels are on the increase it is extremely important to protect your assets and put potential thieves off attempting to gain access to your home or business.

First Line Security Solutions are a family run business based in Cheltenham servicing both domestic and commercial clients all over the UK, with a wealth of experience and a fabulous reputation for all your security needs. Our aim is simple; we endeavor to provide a high quality non intrusive service, carried out by our highly trained, professional team. Anyone who has ever been burgled will explain how horrific it is, not only can you loose expensive and or sentimental items it is often the mental scars which are worst, the feeling of violation. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the risk of this happening1

CCTV monitoring is one of the most popular and most effective measures. The physical presence of CCTV monitoring alone will help deter thieves and vandals. The CCTV monitoring system would be designed specifically for you, choosing either black and white or colour picture, remote or on-site monitoring.

Door entry systems have also become increasingly popular, allowing you to identify your caller before they enter your premises. They can be either a simple voice system or can involve video intercoms, door entry systems can also be linked to your CCTV system. An armed robber is unlikely to press the button of a door entry system to request permission to enter!

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CCTV monitoring can help to provide security to your premises and at our Door Entry Systems can ensure that only the persons you want can access your building. Visit us today!