Can you afford not to use a SEO company?

Some site owners are understandably concerned about the potential cost of SEO services. They may know that ethical companies can provide them with no guarantees. They could comprehend that optimisation does not yield quick results. In short, they are worried about the kind of return they can obtain from their investment. Novice site owners may be tempted by the deals offered by unethical consultancies, but such a choice is likely to do more harm than good.

At SEO Consult we know some of the reasons why site owners are reluctant to enter a partnership. The sector has not always covered itself in glory. Nor does the changing nature of the search world breed much confidence in the ability of consultancies to exploit opportunities. It is critical that a consultancy is committed to monitoring the sphere of search and we are signed up to that in principle and in practice.

However, affordable SEO services can be found if site owners are prepared to do their homework. Professional SEO services have content on their sites that explains what they do and what they don’t. If it is intelligible, jargon-free and reasonable, then this is a sign that further interest is justified. If the content is poorly composed and inaccurate, then they should not be trusted to manage the sites of others.

Obviously, using any consultancy represents a risk. Nonetheless, much the same could be said about using a conventional advertising agency. In addition, the decision not to use an optimisation organisation could prove very costly. In the UK, the number of people using the internet for shopping has grown hugely over the years. According to a recent report by Boston Consulting Group, it is possible that half the world will be going online by 2016. Global economic performance might prevent this prediction from being realised, but the general trend is clear enough.

It is also apparent that the other major trend identified by Boston Consulting Group is likely to be of importance. The report was supported by Google and this might have influenced its contents slightly. Nevertheless, the report’s findings that mobile search is on the march has been verified by a host of other studies. The way in which users are accessing sites is changing and the use of mobiles has implications for the kinds of sites that will do well.

It is possible to adjust a site to make it easier to read on a mobile device. Various techniques can be implemented. The best methods are always those that are tailored to the specificities of a site and its business. The point here is that expert assistance is a prerequisite for success. Few site owners have the knowledge, time or skill to exploit the emergent opportunities with any degree of efficiency.

Some people say that social media is where it is at. However, social media marketing companies may lack critical optimisation skills. An optimisation firm can conduct social media campaigns and make the most of the traffic that they have lured back to a site. Ignoring an efficient optimisation company on cost grounds may prove to be a big mistake.

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