Cat or Dog?

Some people have a very definitive answer when asked the question as to whether they prefer cats or dogs. Others love each equally, whilst more still convert later in life simply because they hadn’t previously spent enough time with one or the other.

It is easy to spend time with a grumpy dog or a prissy cat and decide you simply don’t like the whole species, but each cat and dog will have there very own unique personality and one could be a million miles away from another. Some may avoid getting a dog as they are worried it will take too much effort to look after it or avoid getting a cat because they aren’t as loving as canines, but it is worth remembering that it is never quite so clear cut when choosing between the two.

So what should you consider when making your choice? Firstly, you need to consider the space you have and the lifestyle you lead. If you live by a busy main road and have no back garden, a cat may not be a great idea as the environment may not be right for them. However, a dog will need more space in the house, so if your home is not particularly large, you may be constricting a pup far too much.

If you have an extremely busy lifestyle, felines may well be best. A dog will need far more attention and supervision, whilst felines can be far more independent and get on with things no matter how long you are out for each day.

Each pet can offer many great physical and emotional benefits, and a great deal of companionship and fun. Choosing between the two is often about your own personal circumstances far more than whether or not a cat will be too independent or a dog will be a menace to your furniture.

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