Feeding Your Dog

Knowing just how much to feed your dog is not always easy. The amount and even type of food they need is likely to change based on their size, breed and even their age.

However, knowing how to feed your dog and what type of food to feed them is often much easier and can make it far simpler to understand how much they are likely to need.

The best pet food will be that with a high meat content and a very low amount of fillers. Fillers bulk up cheaper food to make it go further. Whilst it may seem like all dog food is pretty much the same, in reality, any pet food that doesn’t have the right nutritional content is only going to fill up your dog for a short space of time and leave them begging for food very quickly. In turn, it can be tempting to then overfeed them, something that can very quickly lead to obesity and many other health problems.

Once you have chosen the right food, the majority will give you guidelines of how much to feed your pet based on its size and weight. However, there is one more thing to decide on when it comes to feeding your best friend – exactly how to feed them.

Free feeding is where you ensure there is food on offer to your pet all day long. Whilst this may make it easier, it will often lead animals to overeat, which can again cause obesity. Instead, it is often far better to simply offer them smaller meals throughout the day and limit the time they have to eat before the food is taken away. This method of feeding will lead them to only eat as much as they need at any one time and will ensure that they don’t just keep grazing all day long.

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