Woman hoarding unused bras

These days, it’s easier than ever for women to buy the perfect bras. By heading online, they can source superb items within moments, and benefit from excellent value for money. But, while purchasing lingerie is not a problem, getting rid of it may be for many consumers.

Research suggests that a considerable number of people do not dispose of unwanted bras. A poll conducted by the retailer Sweatshop found that the average British woman has a total of nine bras, but more than half of these are not used.

The most popular reason for items not being worn was a lack of comfort, and a third of respondents admitted that they kept products that were the wrong size for them. Meanwhile, another motivation for failing to don the pieces of lingerie was lack of comfort.

According to the research, a total of 156 million bras in the UK have gone to waste.

Sweatshop also discovered that one in ten women do not know their true bra size while a third had never been properly measured. Furthermore, 74 per cent of women did not try their bras on before buying them and many revealed they were too embarrassed to get their breasts measured.

The survey also found that most women in the UK rotate the same three bras.

Responding to the findings, the firm’s Amanda Brasher said: “Too many women are wasting money on bras that don’t fit, or fail to offer the right support. It is vital to get measured, especially if you are active or play sport, as an ill-fitting bra can potentially cause long term breast damage.

“Women depend on their bras as something they will wear pretty much every day of their lives, so it’s important to invest in them wisely.”

She went on to note that women own bras for a number of different reasons, including for exercise and to help them look good on special occasions.

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