Are in-house telemarketing services right for your business?

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking telemarketing services are straightforward to set up. With the right skill set and resources this form of B2B lead generation can be highly effective; however, the realities of handling this type of operation in-house can be very challenging. Quite often what starts out as a small marketing initiative becomes a full-time job. Take a minute to consider whether it is appropriate for your business.

Who will run it?

The first question to answer is: who will manage the activity? It can be highly demanding so look closely to your available resources. You’ll need someone who can liaise effectively between the telemarketers and the sales team whilst keeping other stakeholders involved.

What’s your experience?

Think carefully about your understanding of telemarketing services. It’s not just picking up the phone and calling prospects. What are you going to say? Do you have staff that would be comfortable talking to your prime contacts and do they know enough about what you want to sell? Do you understand who your target market is and what objections you are likely to face? Are you going to need to hire people with the necessary skills in order to get the project off the ground?

Bringing in the professionals

Often it is lack of knowledge that causes the greatest issues to in-house B2B lead generation. It takes many years of experience to understand the operations required, figure out how to keep staff motivated and develop an understanding of the tools and technology needed to support telemarketing services. Do your research and talk to experts. Even the simplest aspect of the campaign, if missing, can cause your results to be poor.

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