Is telemarketing outdated?

Many businesses can feel hesitant about B2B telemarketing. In the age of the internet, SEO, email marketing, social media and pay per click advertising seem to be all the rage. Surely B2B lead generation using the old fashioned phone is outdated? This could not be further from the truth. Although technology has made web marketing an important element of the marketing mix, telemarketing still has a valid place due to its flexibility and effectiveness in engaging people. After all, as humans we all prefer contact with a real person rather than the anonymous approach of email or social networks.

B2B telemarketing can be highly effective in targeting key prospects. With appropriate training, telemarketers can make a script their own and reach your target market in a non-invasive way. There is a significant amount of research that needs to be done prior to targeting a market and this can be gathered effectively over the phone. Using an outsourced company to handle telemarketing services can be the best route for many businesses. These organisations specialise in supplying the calibre of staff required to get the job done. They are also experts at staff motivation and can provide you with a team that is highly driven and enthusiastic, with the ability to represent your core company values effectively over the phone.

Internet marketing is voiceless and faceless. However, B2B lead generation used in harmony with the personnel selling aspect of the business can be highly effective in building relationships and partnerships. Businesses want to speak to a person who can empathise with their challenges and offer workable solutions. Building this form of relationship cannot be achieved using web marketing. It is only possible by interacting on a more personal level, using the phone. This initial relationship can then be fortified through the face-to-face contact provided by the sales team.

At IZEN Marketing, we offer a connected approach to telemarketing services ensuring your company forges valuable, profitable relationships with your customer base.

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